Dr Val of the DFY Effect

“And though she be but little, she is fierce.”
~ Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Who Is Dr. Val?

The little woman with the huge personality and presence … yea that would be Dr. Vallen J. Cordon (“Dr. Val”). Dr. Val is a Jesus-loving wife, mother, educator, jewelry designer, and Master Permanent Cosmetics/Paramedical Tatoo Artist and Trainer.

As a Gates Millenium Scholar, she completed her formal education at The University of NC at Chapel Hill and The University of Phoenix. She is a 16 year doctorate level educator of students with disabilities, having served in the capacity of classroom teacher, school district compliance specialist, and educational diagnostician.

Although she loves the work that she has done with children with disabilities in the states of NC and VA, Dr. Val has always known that at heart, she is truly an artist in addition to being a proud nerd. She refers to herself as a “scholartist” (a scholar and artist in one).

She has always expressed her love for the arts in her fashion, which led her to create her own line of handcrafted earrings and hair jewelry which she has shipped to 13 countries and almost all 50 states under her brand, The DFYant Brand (be Different, be Fab, be You). It was through her experience with having her own eyebrows microshaded that she discovered her love for and intrigue with permanent makeup.

In mid-2020, in the middle of a pandemic, she obtained her training and went on to obtain her Virginia state issued Permanent Cosmetic Artist license (License #1236001249). In true Dr. Val fashion, she embarked upon a mission to learn all she could about this fascinating industry all way down to the science. During this never-ending “deep dive”, she developed a passion for the science and theory that underlies permanent makeup (all the nerd stuff), and compiled her knowledge and research into what has been hailed one of the most comprehensive online PMU fundamentals trainings on the web, “Dr. Val’s Ultimate PMU Fundamentals Bootcamp“, earning her the title coined by her husband Gary (Dr. G.), “That Fundamentals Chick.” In 2021 she traveled to Houston Texas, to become a Ink Boutique Houston certified Paramedical Tattoo artist. Dr. Val furthered her PMU education and completed her Master Permanent Cosmetic Artist training in March 2022. 

It is because of her bright, eager mind, attention to detail, manual dexterity and skills for performing permanent makeup and paramedical tattoo procedures that she has become known as “The PMU Surgeon”.