Scar Camouflage Paramedical Tattoo (Requires Consultation – Price Determined Then)

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Did you know that if you have scarring from injuries and surgeries, birthmarks, medical conditions such as vitiligo and stretch marks, these imperfections can be camouflaged? Scar camouflage involves implanted pigment(s) matched the clients skin into the scar to make it less visible. Scar needling is an option for raised (hypertrophic, not keloided) or hyperpigmented scars, where a dry needle is used to cause trauma to the scarred area and initiate the body’s healing response. As the area heals, and new skin cells are developed, the scar softens, becomes less textured and may become less visible in tone. 

At the consultation I will examine your scar to determine if your scar can be camouflaged or dry needled, select pigment colors, and estimate how many sessions may be needed and pricing.

Camouflage/dry needling pricing starts at $350 for the initial session and $250 for follow up sessions on the same area and increase depending on the size of the treatment area. Once the amount of sessions needed is determined, a nonrefundable 25% of the total price will be required for booking the service. The remaining balance will be due at the first appointment.

Look before you book:

  • For maximum improvement in the scar appearance, at least 2 sessions will be needed.
  • These procedures are not appropriate for all scars or stretch marks. A consultation is required to examine your scars and determine if you are a candidate.
  • Camouflaging/dry needling is intended to IMPROVE THE APPEARANCE of your scars and may not make them totally disappear.
  • If you are prone to hyperpigmentation, you may not be a candidate. 
  • If you have keloids, you are not a candidate for these procedures. 
  • If your scars are a result of a surgical procedure, you must have been cleared by your physician prior to receiving the scar camouflage or needling procedure.


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