Lashline Enhancing Permanent Eyeliner

$280.00 90 minutes

Do you desire a subtle lashline enhancement to give the appearance of fuller lashes? This is the service for you! Book this service if you want either the top OR bottom lashline enhancement.


In this technique, also called an “eyelash enhancement” color is applied to the lash base giving the lashes a darker and fuller appearance. Lashline enhancing eyeliner can define, brighten, and accentuate the eyes. Perfect for those who want a ready-to-go subtle eyeliner look for daily wear. The eyeliner is applied using a conservative technique that will keep the color subtle to allow for beautiful results as the tattoo ages.

Please keep in mind that this permanent makeup procedure is done conservatively, and will not replace a bold, dramatic eyeliner applied with an eyeliner pencil; however you will still be able to apply eyeliner pencil for a more dramatic look after the healing process.

This procedure takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Look before you book: 

  • If you are taking eyelash growth serums (Latisse, Lash Boost, etc.), you must wait at least 6 months before having your eyeliner tattooed, as these serums make the eyelids sensitive and prone to bruising.
  • Please remove any eyelash extensions and contact lenses prior to the appointment.
  • No eye makeup can be worn on the eyes until 5-10 days post-procedure (once all flaking subsides) to reduce the chance of infection.
  • If you have ever experienced a herpetic viral outbreak of the eye, please see your physician for a prescription for antiviral medication BEFORE your eyeliner appointment to prevent an outbreak post procedure. For those who suffer from cold sores, an outbreak is very likely after tattoo procedures in certain areas.


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