Hybrid (Combo) Brow Replacement/Enhancement

$475.00 2 hours 30 minutes

Pay a deposit of $100.00 per item

Get the best of both worlds (Microshading and Nano Brows) with Hybrid Brows!


Hybrid Brows are also known as Combo Brows. This procedure is ideal for those who desire a shaded brow body but desire the look of natural hair strokes in the front of the brow or perimeter of the brow. Nano strokes are added at the front of brow and shading will be added throughout as needed to achieve desired fullness. Like Nano Brows, these brows are also better for the skin the healing process is less traumatic than Microblading. Results last 2-3 years with some clients opting for an annual color boost for longevity. This procedure takes approximately 2.5 hours.

Look before you book: 

  • The use of chemical exfoliates, waxing, sugaring, and threading of the brows should cease at least one week prior to your eyebrow service.


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