Emergency Saline Permanent Makeup Removal



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Have fresh microblading or microshading that you are unsatisfied with? If you are within 24-48 hours of your procedure, Emergency Saline Removal is for you. 


Click “Request” to be scheduled for an emergency removal session. 

No longer do you have to suffer through the healing process with permanent makeup that you are not satisfied with! An "Emergency Removal," can be done within 48 hours of having PMU performed. This is the most effective form of removal as the pigment is freshly applied and has not yet healed fully.

This service is free to clients of The DFY Effect who for some reason find themselves unsatisfied with their permanent eyebrow service. 

Do I Qualify For Saline Removal? 

The simple answer is, anyone that has had poor permanent makeup or small tattoos that they want removed from their bodies may qualify for laser removal. That said, there are certain people who will be poor candidates for saline removal - 

  • People taking blood thinners/bleeding disorders may bleed lightly during this procedure and should consult with a doctor before proceeding.
  • People with skin irritations near the area such as sunburn, severe acne, eczema or psoriasis would be extremely sensitive to the procedure and it will be painful, resulting in poor retention. If they have this issue when they come in for an appointment they will have to reschedule for when their skin returns to normal.
  • People using acids, anti-aging, acne and retinol products - These will make them bleed more and make them very sensitive. These should be stopped at least 2 weeks prior to the appointment.
  • People who have used Accutane within the last year as this compromises the skin and therefore makes it unsuitable for tattooing procedures.
  • People with a history of keloid scarring may POSSIBLY be candidates, assuming they’ve had tattoos with no evidence of keloiding. As with any injury, it’s possible they could develop keloiding.
  • People with uncontrolled auto-immune deficiencies - Lupus, Alopecia, etc. 
  • Pregnant women are not candidates due to the chance of an infection during after care which could harm the baby or cause pregnancy complications.
  • Patients undergoing chemotherapy will need to wait until their treatment is complete and they are healthy.


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